A better solution to E/M auditing.

E/M ProCheck is an easy-to-use, coding validation tool that provides the safety net of compliance with all documentation rules, plus coaching tips based on thousands of real-world chart audit findings. With E/M ProCheck, you will:

big Check Save time and increase productivity with a user friendly and secure web based system that improves audit results and eliminates unorganized paper tools. big Check Show evidence of compliance—proving your vested interest in ensuring your practice is continuously engaged in procedures to ensure proper coding and payment.
big Check Increase the accuracy of your audit by gaining clarity on CMS’ complicated guidelines and understanding what the most common mistakes are when selecting an E/M code. big Check Present your critical and detailed findings in a professionally designed audit report—ensuring your physician is able to quickly understand your results.
big Check Further your career by collaborating with coding professionals and consultants from across the country to share ideas and post questions. big Check Know what your reimbursement levels should be, using local and national reimbursement data, helping you understand if your practice is on track, losing money, or missing opportunities for increased revenue.
big Check Have peace of mind knowing your E/M code levels are accurate and defendable. big Check Prevent audits by discovering vulnerabilities and inappropriate coding patterns

48% of the time, Family physicians undercode E/M for established patients”.

– Source: JABFM, May-June
Accuracy of CPT Evaluation and Management Coding by Family Physicians